What If...

      I've spent a lot of my life living in fantasy worlds. Asking questions about how the world could be rather than focusing on how it is. There's something comforting and destructive about asking the question about what could or what will be.  With the political situation lately, a lot of us are asking a whole bunch of "What ifs". There's some relief in imagining a world where the best situation happened, or imagining a world in which the worst situation happened. Things become easier to obtain, or they look better in contrast. 

     I have been obsessed with asking this variations of this question to everyone I could find, trying to figure out what world exist in people's minds, what kind of thing they are looking for, what we regret most, what we desire most. Maybe putting all of those thoughts together can create something meaningful, a sort of list of demands.

Each month, for the remainder of  year I'll pose a variation of the question and collect anonymous (or not anonymous) answers, and make a series of work about those answers.

I encourage you to leave your response, feel free to leave your name and email if you want, or be anonymous in your answer.

Share this with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family. And together we can make a rolling list of these hopes, dreams, regrets, and thoughts. 


Respond with what you'd like to do in the next month to make things better.