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Image Maker and artist living in Austin.

B.F.A In Studio Art with a focus in Printmaking, Painting, & Drawing.  I'm interested in the intersections of politics, storytelling, and building culture.

Most of my time lately is spent thinking about Texas culture and its impact on the rest of the world, how its imagery has seeped up to highest parts of American culture making. I make work, sometimes show work, create illustrations and comics on the side.

Feel free to contact me: Shows, Commissions, Comics, Questions, Buying.

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Swing State - Pump Project, Austin TX

Red State - BCH, Austin TX 

APT 152  - Shady Lane, Austin TX

Daily Texan Showcase , Austin TX




We Did It In The Basement:  Daily Texan Comics Anthology 2014

Assorted Comics: Daily Texan 2012-2014

What's It Like?: The Plog 2015

Freelance Rumpus Illustrator